Restoration Fillings

Restoratin Fillings (Composite, Ceramic Fillings)

Unfortunately, not all of us by nature are having beautiful teeth of ideal shape. Artistic restoration can help you to restore the structure of a healthy tooth with the help of various filling materials. This restoration is also called "aesthetic" or "cosmetic".

What problems can aesthetic restoration solve:
- Cracks between teeth;
- Uneven tooth shape;
- Scrape a part of the tooth or fracture more than half of the tooth;
- Defects of the enamel;
- Caries.

With restoration fillings you can both restore the shape and color of the tooth, while keeping the natural look of it.

Some patients keep asking us : “Which filling is better a composite or a ceramic filling?” Composites if placed correctly can last 10-15 or more years. The wear on ceramic restorations to be considerably less over many years as compared to composite simply due to the differences in hardness of the two materials.

For larger restorations (bigger cavities, larger replacements of old fillings), ceramic tends to win out. Large composites can survive quite well, but in terms of strength they don't compare to ceramic materials in larger sizes.