Removable Prosthesis

Removable Prosthesis

A denture is a removable appliance that replaces missing teeth and surrounding tissue. In the past dentures usually fit poorly. They were bulky and often painful. Today’s technology has brought remarkable improvement. Innovations in dentistry combined with modern light-weight materials mean current dentures are not only comfortable they closely resemble natural teeth.

At idental we work with 2 main types of dentures:

Acrylic Denture

The largest single advantage to this type of denture (aside from its comparatively low cost) is that new teeth and new denture base can easily be added to an existing acrylic denture. These are frequently fabricated even if the remaining teeth have existing decay or periodontal disease and their prognosis is doubtful. If later in the course of treatment existing natural teeth are extracted for any reason, new false teeth can be added quickly to the partial, maintaining the patient’s appearance.

Flexible Denture

What are the benefits of Felxible Denture? It's the flexible resin coating on the outer layer of the denture base. This flexibility allows the denture to lock in around the undercut of the jaw bone for superior stability. Flexible dentures are so light and thin you'll hardly feel like you're wearing them.

The denture base has a transparent pink shading which allows your natural gum color to show through for an absolutely great blend. And you can still choose the style and shade of teeth you'd like to go with them.

And the benefits don't stop there. The flexible resin material is non-porous, so it won't support the growth of bacteria. But even though it's non-porous, the denture will still retain a slight amount of moisture to keep it comfortable against your gums.