Periodontitis Treatment

Periodontitis Treatment

Periodontitis is an inflammation of the tissues surrounding the tooth rooth. It is characterized by the peri-peripheral bone tissue destruction. Periodontitis can be caused by infection, trauma or toxic substances. Periodontitis also caused by caries or pulpitis, in which the pulp (nerve) can no longer serve as a barrier to toxic products and they penetrate the tip of the tooth.

Signs of acute periodontitis

One of the significant symptoms of periodontitis can be increasing intensifying pain. Its difference from pain in pulpitis is a clear localization and a sharp pain. Body temperature can then increase moderately (up to 37.5 ° C).

Other symptoms:
Lips and cheeks swelling;
Gums swelling;
Increased mobility of the tooth.

Chronic periodontitis

Chronic  periodontitis  is  the  most  advanced  stage  of  gum  disease   and  is  caused  by  the accumulation  of  calculus  and  poor   oral  hygiene.  When  calculus  sits  on  the  teeth  for  a  certain  period   of  time,  the  bacteria  within  the  calculus  produce  toxins.  These   toxins  then  cause  the  gums  to  detach  from  the  teeth  causing   pocketing,  and  then  gradually  they  eat  away  at  the  supporting   bone  of  the  teeth.  This  is  which  causes  them  to become  mobile   with  time.   Smoking  contributes  immensely  to  the  cause  of  periodontitis.  It   significantly  increases  the  chance  of  developing  chronic   periodontitis,  and  speeds  up  the  process  from  gingivitis  to   periodontal  disease.   Some  people  are  more  prone  to  build  up  calculus,  therefore  a  have  a  higher  chance  of   developing  chronic  periodontitis.  However,  an  impeccable  oral  hygiene  routine  will  always   reduce  chances  and  prevent  further  damage.

Treatment of periodontitis is not a one day process. Sometimes it takes up to 5-7 visits to the dentist. Therapeutic tactics depend on the type and stage of the disease. At iDental clinics we treat all types of periodontitis. We will do everything possible and impossible to release your pain and keep your teeth healthy.