Dental Jewels

Dental Jewelries and Twinkles

Dental jewelry is one additional way to create even more attractive smile for you and is particularly popular for the current younger generation.

There are two types of tooth jewelry

Dental Gems

Different colors of glass crystals can be attached to your tooth, depending on your preference. The crystal’s colors include sapphire, sapphire light, ruby, emerald, emerald green, pink, aquamarine, rainbow, and diamond.


Twinkles are made of white gold or 24-carat gold material. You can choose from more than 50 designs of twinkles to make your smile your most elegant and fabulous accessory.

One of the pluses of having them applied with dental bonding material is that they don’t cause any permanent damage to your teeth. It is 100 % reversible. You can have your birth stone, your favorite color, or a charm that represents a hobby or element of your personality.