About iDental

About iDental

With true passion for dentistry, Dr. Sameh Zaki and his professional team of artistic and high-skilled doctors had started iDental Clinic back in 1992.

Our clinics undergo daily inspections and quality assurance checks to assure the highest levels of sterilization for the safety of our patients and doctors.

We understand how uncomfortable some patients feel towards dentists and we are dedicated to provide a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere along with outstanding dental care, modern equipment and state of the art techniques in order to achieve the best results and grant you beautiful and confident smile.

Our reputation in the field of dentistry

Commited to its reputation iDental's finest team of dentists, specialists and support staff regularly attend dental lectures, meetings and staying up to date with latest dental techniques, products and technologies to provide the best dental service.

25 Years of the best dental care

For more than 25 years iDental chain of clinics have been working with genuine concern for our patients, providing extra ordinary dental care as a result of our constant training, development and research.

What makes us different:

iDental provides a wide-range of expert care, from general dentistry to orthodontics, oral surgery and periodontics. Using state-of-the-art equipment and maintaining excellent standards of hygiene and cleanliness safety is one of our priorities.